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Law Clerk


6 years

Real Estate


As a Real Estate Law Clerk with six years of experience, I have developed a comprehensive expertise in handling a variety of real estate transactions including residential and commercial properties, as well as private mortgage dealings. My experience encompasses a broad spectrum of real estate legal processes, making me proficient in managing diverse property transactions.

I excel in conducting detailed legal research, preparing and reviewing transaction documents, including purchase agreements, lease agreements, and mortgage contracts. My experience in private mortgages has equipped me with a unique understanding of the intricacies involved in private lending and financing arrangements, setting me apart in the field.

My skills in due diligence are a cornerstone of my practice, ensuring that all transactions are compliant with legal regulations and client interests are safeguarded. I have a proven track record of successfully managing and closing complex deals, often under tight deadlines.

I am adept at liaising with various stakeholders involved in real estate transactions, including clients, real estate agents, lenders, and other legal professionals. My strong communication skills, both in writing and verbally, ensure that all parties are well-informed and that transactions proceed smoothly.

Organizational and multitasking abilities are among my key strengths, enabling me to efficiently handle multiple cases simultaneously without compromising on accuracy or attention to detail. I am also proficient in using advanced real estate software, further enhancing my efficiency and effectiveness in managing legal documents and case files.

My commitment to staying current with the latest developments in real estate law ensures that I offer up-to-date and knowledgeable advice to clients and colleagues. I am now looking to bring my specialized skills and dedicated work ethic to a challenging and dynamic legal environment.

Locations Interested in:

Remote, Hybrid Remote, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington

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