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Law Clerk


15 years

Intellectual Property


With 15 years of experience as an Intellectual Property Law Clerk, I have acquired extensive expertise in managing and safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights. My experience spans across various aspects of IP law, including patent and trademark filings, IP portfolio management, and assisting in litigation related to IP disputes. I have a proven track record in conducting thorough IP searches, drafting and filing applications, and liaising with patent and trademark offices to ensure compliance with legal standards.

My role has also involved significant interaction with inventors, corporate clients, and legal teams, requiring strong communication and meticulous attention to detail. I am adept at handling complex IP matters, ensuring timely renewals, and maintaining accurate records. My commitment to staying abreast of evolving IP laws and practices has been key to providing effective support and strategic advice in this dynamic field.

Locations Interested in:

Remote, Hybrid Remote, Hamilton, Burlington

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