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At the PROUD, we are specialized Recruiters, because we come from the Industries that we service.  We are ex-Lawyers, Law Clerk and Legal Assistants, Construction Trades and Technology experts, so we have been in your shoes before.  We have been through the stress and excitement of working at small, large and corporate settings.

With our unique perspective, not only do we work at finding skill matches, salary matches, we work hardest on finding Environment Matches.  Because we spend so much time at work, having the right environment is ever more necessary than before.  Salary is important, but finding people positions that have the growth they are looking for, the right type of Managers, they right type of work/life balance are the issues we understand and do our best to provide as much of that as possible.

With the PROUD, you are in control of your career, when and where you make a change.  As always for those looking for a new career, our services, advice, compassion, passion and knowledge come to you, a career seeker free of charge.

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