Recently the Ontario Government has brought in New Rules and Legislation surrounding the Recruitment Agency Industry and its recruitment of Foreign Workers.

A Licensing process has put in place and a strict set of rules and guidelines that are required to be followed.

So why has this come to light only now?  There have been several Agencies in Countries that have been feeding Foreign workers to other Agencies within the Canadian border and they have been making a hefty profit off of it.  Is it wrong to recruit foreign workers, especially those that have gone through the proper VISA channels?  Not exactly, but this is where the problem lies, or, where the lies start.  Providing a foreign worker that has a time limit on their ability to work in this country is cloak and dagger tactics as most Companies are interested in hiring for the long term and not the short term. 

Why is this a problem? In a shrinking talent market and the some of the younger generations looking to shed the shroud of the life the "normals" live working 9 to 5, for content creation and viral videos.  The world has definitely changed, but there are a lot of people in the world that live in countries where it is very difficult to find work.  Even if they do, most of the time is still isn't enough to feed their families.

So, if you are assisting companies with the hiring of their workforce, the best bet is to be honest up front and tell them that the potential candidate(s) are foreign workers.  Companies and Hiring Managers, make certain to ask that any Agency that is assisting you is licensed.

But the most important aspect of this is that if you decide to go with a foreign worker, their skills should still be compensated adequately, severely under paying foreign workers can be considered slavery in some instances.  Temporary workers and Foreign workers will be protected with the legislation that will be introduced.

We are all in this together and we are all looking to make a positive impact.

If the opportunity arose where we would be in a position to utilize a foreign workforce or a temporary workforce, we will be certain to apply for the Licence.

Currently we only work on permanent placements.