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At The PROUD, our team is defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a relentless work ethic aimed at fulfilling your recruitment needs and advancing your career. Our dedicated professionals are passionately focused on identifying and filling open roles with precision, ensuring that each match is not just a placement, but a step forward in your professional journey. We understand the importance of your goals, whether you're seeking the perfect candidate or the ideal job opportunity, and we're committed to making those aspirations a reality. Trust in our team's dedication to bring unparalleled service and support, as we work tirelessly to contribute to your success. With The PROUD, you're not just finding a recruitment solution; you're gaining a partner committed to moving your career or your company 

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Krista serves as a Business Development Partner at The PROUD Recruiters, having joined the team in 2024. With an extensive background in Business Development and Recruitment, she offers a deep understanding and expertise in facilitating the placement of specialized legal roles.


Krista's focus encompasses both the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond, ensuring a wide reach in her recruitment efforts. Her strategic approach and dedication to matching top-tier talent with leading organizations make her a valuable asset to our firm and the clients we serve.

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Colleen holds the position of Recruitment Partner at The PROUD Recruiters, having become a part of our team in 2024. As a recruiter, she places a high value on building meaningful connections with her candidates, dedicating time to understand their aspirations and professional goals thoroughly. This personalized approach enables her to surpass their expectations consistently.


Her commitment to finding the perfect match between candidates and opportunities. Her meticulous attention to candidate experience and her dedication to fulfilling diverse recruitment needs underscore her vital role within our firm.

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Welcome Employers



Olivia is a distinguished Recruiting Partner within The PROUD Trades Division, having joined the team in 2024. She arrives with a rich background of experience and a robust analytical skill set that significantly enhances her talent-matching capabilities. Olivia's analytical prowess allows her to make precise and effective matches between candidates and opportunities, a skill that has proven to be a refreshing and invaluable asset to those she assists.


Her expertise not only facilitates the placement of top-tier talent within the trades but also ensures that each match is optimally aligned with both the candidate's and the employer's needs and expectations. Olivia's contribution to our team embodies a perfect blend of experience, skill, and dedication, making her an essential part of The PROUD Trades Division.

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Justin is a key Business Development Partner at The PROUD Trades, having joined the organization in 2024. With a comprehensive background in both developing business and recruiting within the trades industry, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role.

His expertise not only spans the breadth of business development strategies but also deepens into the nuanced understanding of recruitment in the trades sector. This unique combination allows Justin to effectively bridge the gap between growth opportunities and talent acquisition, making him an invaluable asset to The PROUD Trades. His contributions are instrumental in driving the success of our business and ensuring the right talent is connected with the right opportunities within the trades industry.




Adam, a Founding Member of The PROUD, has been an integral part of our team since 2017. As the Director of Marketing, he oversees all aspects of Marketing Operations, ensuring that our strategies are not only effective but also innovative and aligned with our overall objectives. Under his leadership, Adam's team is dedicated to marketing and brand development across multiple facets of our organization, including The PROUD Recruiters, The PROUD Inc, The PROUD Trades, and Recruit + Prosper.


His extensive experience and visionary approach have been pivotal in enhancing our brand presence and identity in the market. Adam's expertise and leadership continue to drive the growth and success of our marketing initiatives, making a significant impact on our reach and engagement within our target audiences.

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Nadien serves as the Resident Human Resources Specialist at The PROUD, where she plays a pivotal role in the management and development of our internal culture. Her efforts have transformed our workplace into one of the industry's best-kept secrets, establishing The PROUD as an incredibly rewarding place to work. Dedicated and tireless, Nadien ensures that our team is well-equipped and supported, enabling them to provide unparalleled service. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic environment means that both clients and candidates receive the exceptional care and attention they deserve.


Nadien’s work is instrumental in maintaining the high standards and inclusive culture that set The PROUD apart as not just a place of employment, but a community where excellence and support go hand in hand.

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Junior, a Founding Member of The PROUD, has been a vital part of our team since 2017. As The Managing Partner, he plays a critical role in overseeing the operations of all lines of business within the organization. His extensive experience and leadership ensure that each division operates smoothly and efficiently, aligning with our overarching goals and standards. Junior's strategic oversight is essential for the seamless integration of our diverse services, enabling The PROUD to maintain excellence across all fronts.


His commitment to operational excellence and his comprehensive understanding of our business dynamics contribute significantly to our success and growth. Junior’s leadership and vision continue to drive the forward momentum of The PROUD, solidifying our position as a leader in our industry.

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Andy became a valued member of The PROUD team in 2019, stepping into the role of Recruitment Partner. Demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication, Andy has since ascended to become a Partner within The PROUD Trades division. Under his leadership, his team specializes in assisting skilled trades workers in finding their ideal employment opportunities, encompassing both unionized and non-unionized positions.


Andy's expertise and commitment to excellence have played a pivotal role in connecting talented individuals with the right opportunities, facilitating their career advancement in the trades industry. His work ensures that both employers and employees benefit from optimal matches, reinforcing The PROUD Trades' reputation as a trusted partner in the trades sector.

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